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Important Tips for Leaving a Job

Losing a good employee can be disruptive to a business. No matter what has prompted you to leave a company, make a professional transition from one job to another - it is important for your career in the long run. The damage you can cause by going on a tirade when you quit easily outweighs the short-term satisfaction. Here are some tips for properly leaving your job and maintaining good relationships with former bosses and co-workers:

  • Even if you do not like your boss, do not say anything negative before leaving. Prospective employers might know people at your old company and catch wind of it, whether or not you include your former job on your resume.
  • Do not make negative comments about your former employer on any social media platforms. Your scathing comments could very well reach his or her eyes or ears. Some prospective employers visit your Facebook page as part of a background check. They do not want to hire a bitter person. Besides, they will be concerned you will do the same thing to them if you leave the company.
  • Before you leave the company, do not brag to co-workers about your new job. Focus on what you will miss by leaving and what you have gained from your time with the company.
  • Refrain from calling or hanging out with former employees for a while because the conversation could turn negative. However, stay in contact because they can be valuable networking resources.
  • Do not take anything from the office that does not belong to you. Employers notice theft. You want your former boss to praise you if he gets a call from a prospective employer. You do not want him or her to mention you stole an antique desk!
  • Try to give your employer two weeks notice. Five minutes is not enough! If you have to immediately begin the new job, offer to come in on a weekend to finish a project or help train a new employee.
  • Show that you are concerned about the company. Before quitting, prepare a memo detailing the status of all your unfinished projects and include instructions for completion. Prepare useful notes for your replacement. Be available to answer questions that may arise after you leave.
  • Show some gratitude to your former employer for the time you spent with the company. Let your boss know you enjoyed working for him or her and mention some positive experiences you had.
  • Stay in touch with your former boss, because he or she may be able to help you later on. If you find yourself looking for a job in the future, your old boss may have some contacts that will help. If things do not work out at the new company, you may be able to go back to work for the old one.
  • Do not search for a new job on company time. Do not make phone calls or send email from your work account. Some companies track this information, and it is not an ethical way to spend your time at work.
  • If you have left the company to start a business, former employers and co-workers may send you some clients. Keep good relationships with them.
  • If you leave the company on good terms, you will not have to avoid co-workers if you see them in public.
  • Show your boss and co-workers you have integrity by working hard until the day you leave. Do not take the attitude that it does not matter what you do after you give notice. It will create resentment among co-workers. So do not sing Puccini arias in your office all day long!

There is much to be gained by leaving your job in a professional manner. It might be tempting to quit the wrong way, but it could come back to hurt you in the long run.


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