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Craft a Resume: Full Tutorial + Examples

As you already understood from the headline, today we will talk about getting a job, namely, competently writing a resume. There is a lot of literature on this subject on the Internet, but I did not find any clear and understandable instructions. So, I decided to unite all the knowledge I have to create a tutorial on how to craft a brilliant resume!

Before starting, I want you to remember the 3 main rules for successfully writing a resume:

#1 Rule: Always Write Only the Truth (But Not All Of)

Focus on your strengths and do not mention your shortcomings. Recruiters will ask about them at the interview, be prepared for this.

#2 Rule: Adhere to a Certain Structure

The resume should be written on 1-2 pages, no more. Therefore, try to state all the necessary information briefly and succinctly.

#3 Rule: Be Optimistic and Cheerful

Positive-minded people attract success. In your case, you will attract a new job.

So, we now turn to the structure of the resume and the main 10 steps you should go through to be noticed.

Step 1: Title of the Resume

Here you have to write the word Resume itself and indicate to whom it is composed. Then your potential employer will immediately understand who owns the resume. For example, you previously called the company to find out if they still have this vacancy. You were given a positive response and decided to send a resume.

Step 2: Your Purpose

Your resume must have a goal. You should correctly formulate it: The purpose of the resume - getting the position of an accountant. Since this moment you will be considered as the applicant, who is looking for work, potentially applying for it.

Step 3: Put Your Data

At this point, you must write the following:

  • date of birth;
  • address;
  • contact number;
  • e-mail;
  • marital status.

Step 4: Education

If you have several entities, then write them in reverse order.

For example:
New York National University, 2012 - 2017,
Specialty: Management
Business School, 2010 - 2012.

Step 5: Experience

Please note that the work experience column is very important. Write about your experience from the very last place of your work, if it is not the only one.

Step 6: Official Duties

This item in the resume is not always required. If you apply for a common vacancy you don't need this section, especially if you held a similar position at a previous job. Sometimes this section can be included in the previous one by writing your duties immediately after the position.

Step 7: Achievements

Section "Achievements" is one of the most important in the resume! It is much more important than education and even work experience. Your potential employer wants to know what he will pay you for.

Step 8: Additional Information

Here you need to describe your strengths, professional knowledge, and skills that will directly help you to carry out the tasks.

Step 9: Personal Qualities

There is no need to describe too many qualities, especially if they are not relevant to your future work.

For example, if you are applying for an accountant position, then it would be good to write about your concentration, attentiveness, punctuality, efficiency, mathematical turn of mind, ability to analyze.

Step 10: Recommendations

It would be very nice if at the end of the summary you mention the full name and the positions of your former managers, and also indicate their contact numbers. In this case, your potential employer or his representative can verify your professionalism by receiving feedback about you from your former direct managers.

At the very end of the resume, you must specify how long you are ready to start work, here you can also specify the desired level of remuneration.


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